DK9SQ Mast


The mast itself has an overall length of 33 feet (10 meters) when extended. It telescopes into the bottom section when collapsed, and is a package 46 inches long, weighing only 3 lbs (1 Kg). To extend the mast the sections are pulled out and given a slight twist to hold in place. The bottom section is 1.75 inches in diameter ‑ the top section is about 1/8" at the very end. All sections are tapered, so that the top section is about diameter of RG‑8x where it goes into the next section (it is no more than 1/8" in dia at the very tip!). The bottom section has a rubber foot that screws into the bottom of the mast to protect the end of the section. A rubber plug (2" dia.) fits into the top of the bottom section when the mast is collapsed. A protective cloth bag is supplied to use when carrying or storing the mast.

This is not a long fishing pole adapted to use as an antenna support. It is quite strong and not as flexible as a fishing pole, and is made with black coloring impregnated in the fiberglass so that it is UV resistant. When extended and held horizontal the tip of the mast sags less then two feet, however it is flexible enough that it will bend without breaking in the wind.

Click here for a PDF file of the Mast Instructions

Below are several links to sites that show different uses of the DK9SQ mast.

There are also several pictures of the mast at Walter's page.

Koji - JK7TKE - used the mast on a dx-pedition to Austral Island as FO0KOJ. He has some nice pictures of the mast (not fully extended) supporting a 5 element 6 meter Yagi, and also being used as a support for a 160 meter wire antenna.

A photo on G3CWI's Website of a DK9SQ mast on top of a mountain in Wales on a windy day with a 20m dipole on top.G3CWI's comments are here

A Portable Multiband Vertical Using the DK9SQ Mast - an article by Bruce Grubbs, N7CEE in The ARS Sojourner

Price: $99.00