Microwave Know How


Microwave Know How is a compilation of articles ideal for those interested in building equipment for the Amateur Radio microwave bands. The designs included are from different authors all around the world who are keen microwave constructors themselves. All projects use modern techniques and up to date components.


  • Includes:
  • Antennas with designs for 23cm, 13cm, 6cm.
  • Power amplifiers for 23cm and 10GHz.
  • Measuring equipment, with different ways to use a spectrum analyzer and a very useful noise source.
  • Filters and design of filters, useful for the accomplished constructor and a Hybrid coupler for 13cm.
  • Modifying commercial equipment and using surplus equipment.
  • Converter for S band using a YIG LO and a 2m down converter for use with SDRs
  • Oscillators showing how to use a DDS and MMICs
Price: $21.95