The PICEL III is a PIC Programmer and Development Board.  It comes with a USB interface to upload/download your programs from your PC (Windows or Linux).  The kit includes a 16F628A PIC that is pre-programmed with diagnostics, and a CD with all necessary Software and PIC programming lessons by WB8RCR. The lessons can be downloaded at


if you want to check them out ahead of time.

You can test your PIC Program with the following hardware components on the PC board;

  • 2x16 LCD with backlight
  • rotary encoder
  • 3 general purpose pushbuttons
  • 3 LEDs
  • Stereo jack for paddle input
  • Stereo jack for key output
  • BNC connector for signal I/O

You supply the 12v to run the PICEL II.

The following PICs can beprogrammed/tested/run on the PICEL II:

  • 16F627
  • 16F627A
  • 16F628
  • 16F628A
  • 16F648A
  • 16F716
  • 16F819
  • 16F84A
  • 16F88
  • 18F1220
  • 18F1230
  • 18F1320
  • 18F1330


Price: $70.00