R2pro Receiver


The R2pro is a very high performance direct conversion receiver designed by Rick Campbell - KK7B. It consists of 4 PC boards - LNA, Downconverter, Audio Signal Processor and the Audio Amplifier. There are two optional audio filter board that can be included. The 4 boards are kept separate so that the builder can sustitute his own module if he wishes to.

The frequency of the R2pro is determined by the LNA (tuned input and output) and the local oscillator - which you supply. The LNA is followed by an RF splitter, I and Q TUF-3 diode ring mixers, matched bandpass diplexers and audio pre-amplifiers, a 90 degree audio phase shift network,summer audio badpass filtering (wide SSB supplied- 3 and 1 KHz optional), and an audio power amplifier. Each stage should be individually shielded. With an appropriate quadrature local oscillator the R2pro is a single sideband or single signal CW direst conversion receiver for any frequecy between 1 and 500 MHz. iIt is also an excellent last conversion stage in a superhet system. The wide frequency range of the R2pro permits construction of single conversion microwave SSB and CW receivers and up-conversion HF receivers without the usual limitations on the IF imposed by the need fornarrow band crystal filters

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Price: $115.00