The World of Ham Radio: 1901-1950


The World of Ham Radio: 1901 - 1950
During the first fifty years of the twentieth century, ham radio went from being an experiment to virtually an art form. With few government restrictions and minimal costs involved, ham radio appealed to various people. More than just a simple hobby, however, ham radio required its operators to understand radio theory, be able to trace a schematic and know how to build a transmitter and receiver with whatever material they might have available. The advent of WWII and the need for cutting-edge communications, lead the United States government to draw upon the considerable knowledge and skill of these Amateur Radio operators...ham radio was here to stay.

The World of Ham Radio explores the history of ham radio operators, emphasizing their social history and their many contributions to the technological development of worldwide communications. It traces the concept of relays, including the American Radio Relay League, from contacts as close as 25 miles apart to operators anywhere in the world. The book highlights ham radio in many of the headlined events of the half century, especially exploration and aviation "firsts".

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