Morse Code

TiCK1 Chip


Keyer Chip only for the TiCK1.

Price: $5.00

Morse Code for Radio Amateurs


50% larger than its predecessor, the 11th edition of RSGB's Morse Code for Radio Amateurs is essential for anyone looking to expand their horizons by adding Morse code to their skills. It has everything you need to get started in the fascinating hobby, to using computers and increasing your speed.


Price: $15.00

Morse Code Operating for Amateur Radio


Don’t Just Learn Morse Code, Master It!


Tune in to the low end of any HF band, and you’ll find it populated with ham radio operators using Morse code for casual conversations, chasing DX or fast paced contests. They enjoy practicing a skill that they worked hard to obtain–a skill not everyone has. You can learn that skill too. If you are new to Amateur Radio or high frequency (HF) operation, or even if you’ve been operating HF phone and RTTY but were reluctant to try learning and using Morse code, this book is especially for you.

Price: $15.00

Mouse Code


How the Field Mouse Invented Radio


Come with award-winning newspaper reporter, author and ham radio operator Joel Thurtell as he spins the tale of how mice invented radio to save themselves and their friends the moles, voles, shrews, groundhogs, badgers and yes, even a blue racer, from death by development.

Mouse Code is aimed at entertaining through its unique, exciting story. It offers young people Morse Code as a “secret” language for talking among themselves.

Price: $12.00
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