2M CW Signal Source


2 meter CW Sources  
2 meter Source - $30
Optional VXO variable cap - $11
Optional beacon sub-band crystals 20.615 (2m), 16.693 (6m) - $10

Price: $30.00

Universal QRP Transmitter


This is a ""Bag of Parts" kit that was designed by W7ZOI. It is a crystal controled transmitter that put out an adjustable zero to 5 (or more) watts. The kit is supplied with some small pieces of PC board so it is assembled "ugly style". No printed circuit is supplied. Documentation is at

Price: $25.00

Low Power Spratbook


Low Power Spratbook

QRP, the art and science of low power operation, is one of the most popular aspects of Amateur Radio. This handy book compiles the very best projects from the first 150 issues of G-QRP Club's magazine Sprat, from 1974 - 2012. It includes low power transmitters, simple receivers, accessories, circuit and construction hints, and antennas. Ideal for the QRP enthusiast, experimenter, or someone who likes the fun of building and operating their own radio equipment.


Price: $24.95

More QRP Power


More QRP Power

More equipment, accessories and antennas for low power radio operating!

In the spirit of the popular QRP Classics and QRP Power published in the 1990s, More QRP Power is an anthology of articles from recent issues of QST and QEX magazines covering construction practices, transceivers, transmitters, receivers, accessories, and antennas. Here are dozens of projects and articles to help you assemble or improve a QRP station for home or travel.

Price: $19.00

ARRL's Low Power Communication 4th Edition


Just a Little RF Power Goes a Long Way!


ARRL’s Low Power Communication is your guidebook to the fascinating world of low power QRP operating. With only 5 W or less–sometimes much less–you can enjoy conversations over hundreds and even thousands of miles.

Price: $24.00

International QRP Collection


Compiled/edited by Rev. George Dobbs, G3RJV and Steve Telenius-Lowe, 9M6DXX


The International QRP Collection is a compilation of the art and science of QRP. It contains articles from many well known Amateur Radio magazines such as RadCom, QST, Sprat, Break In, as well as brand new material. There is certain to be something of interest to all low-power enthusiasts within this book.

Price: $24.95

Low Profile Amateur Radio


Second Edition


More and more ham radio operators are faced with installing equipment and antennas amid a flurry of modern day limitations. The need to operate a low profile Amateur Radio station may be imposed by the confines of a small home or apartment. Other hams are restricted by deeds or leases that regulate the size of the antenna they can install.

First edition readers will find this second edition contains ALL NEW material.

Price: $19.00
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